Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Monday, 15 February 2016


Seems yesterday that I landed in this beautiful city but actually is already ONE YEAR.
This post will be full of private anecdotes so if you wanna know little bit more about me read careful if you don't just READ, will be funny.

  • I'm falling in love from 10 to 20 times per day (dutch boyssss ahhhhh), one day I'll end my ride in a canal if I'll not look straight. 
  • I have found a nice job and super funny colleagues, #workhardplaybetter.
  • After I found the job I decided to cut my hair and it was the worst experience ever but still happy about it. 
  • The first week in the city I have been lost with the bike and two police's ladies stopped me because according to them I crossed the street with the red light and they said to me: " Where are you going?" Me: "I'm trying to go home, but actually I don't know where is it". Them: " If you'll cross again the street again with the red light it's really difficult that you'll come back home". After that I ride as much as I could, I was terrified ahahaha. 
  • I have been biking almost all of these past 356 days.
  • I have been traveling to other cities and I explored the city as much as I could but there is always something new to see and I'm completely in love with everything. 
  • An asshole stole my super duper nice dutch bike just downstair my ex place (probably will be the first of a lot of more).
  • I have been several time completely wet (on the bike, don't be mischievous). 
  • I have seen the sea during the winter time, windy enough to fell down.
  • I have done 4 moving in less then 6 months but now finally I found a super nice apartment that I can call it: HOME with the best roomie ever.
  • I have been to my first music festival (Pitch Festival) with a crazy friend who made that day memorable. 
  • I have danced under the rain and I have done some air balloons, laughing till I couldn't breath anymore (dutch people know how to have FUN).
  • I saw a white big tiger in the sky (someone knows ahhh).
  • I have been to different concerts and have listen famous djs all nights long.
  • I enjoyed my first KING'S day and I never see nothing like this before. Everywhere was orange but the only thing that we had orange was the label of the bottle of prosecco.
  • I have danced electronic and techno music till my legs were asking me: " HELP, Cinzia please go home". 
  • I shared an apartment for two months with 3 dutch boys, best sharing ever, I know that they are missing me sooooooo badly:)
  • The day of my birthday I got a new tattoo (secret place, only for few people) and some others are coming.
  • I have seen things that I never see before in my life like the Gay Pride, maybe one of the best day and night of my life in Amsterdam. Everything was hilarious and super funny. 
  • I have been to crazy party like the one of the night of Halloween or the one in the middle of nowhere in Amsterdam Noord with 3 crazy friends, the third was Mr. GYN. You can guess how those nights end up. OMG!  
  • I have sailed a little boat trough the canals, celebrating the bday of a good friend, one of the best night of summer.
  • I'm trying to learn, understand and talk in this weird language called Dutch and the result is pretty FINE, maybe one day people will stop to laugh at me.
  • I have been eating and drinking tasty food and good wines, shared with friends and lovers and I have been advising you trough the posts some nice spots. I will continue, STAY TUNED.
  • I have been back home in Milan several times and every time I could not wait to come back to A'dam-Home.
  • I have listened so many time Justin Bieber that now I know perfectly all the lyrics. You know :)
  • I have celebrated the New Years Eve , watched the fireworks from the Nemo Museum and party hard till early in the morning (what happened the day after better not to tell but my partner in crime knows perfectly).
  • I'm training hard in the gym to reach my goals, healthy and fit body, it's always a good idea.
  • I have been blogging for a while and I'm trying to do my best to write more often, with a better English but hey I'm human too and I know that I'm not perfect.
  • I have done so many things that it's really not possible to write everything down but I have good memories and I'm sure that the best is yet to come. 

  • I have taken so many pictures and videos that it's insane but I want to share in this post the one that are showing the best moments and people who have taken part of this amazing year.
    I have to say THANKYOUAMSTERDAM to have been so good to me, to have bring me HAPPINESS, to have given me the opportunity to do amazing things.
    You changed my life in something that I will never regret.
    THANKYOUMYFRIENDS to have been next to me, to have done crazy things together and enjoyed MYLIFEINDAM with ME. In the pics there are ONLY GIRLS because THEY ARE THE BEST. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Healthy mood? Go to PLUK.

Are you looking for an healthy and cozy place to have a nice lunch?
The tip of the week is : "PLUK".  
This little and cozy place is located in the 9th street of Amsterdam (Reestraat 19).

Their concept is : 
"Pluk staat voor gezond en genieten. 
Wij verkopen gezonde broodjes, salades, sappen, koffie en lifestyle/interieur artikelen".

And the translation in English is: 
"Pluck is healthy and enjoy. We sell healthy sandwiches, salads, juices, coffee and lifestyle / decor items". 
And you'll find exactly all of these things with a plus of a super nice team.  
They're are trying to work as much as they can with organic products and they also sell some nice interior furnitures. 

The sandwich I took that was the one with grilled chicken with avocado, cucumber, tomato, bacon and curry mayonnaise was delicious and their Pluck smoothie with banana, blueberries, raspberry & bio yogurt too. 
For sure I'll be back soon.