Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Monday, 15 June 2015

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This place is inspired by other markets around Europe like: by "Jorgensens" in Copenhagen, by "Mercado de San Miguel" in Madrid and also by "Borough Market" in London. This market was created for the citizens but also for the tourists to enjoy different cuisines in only one place. You can walk through different "stands" and appreciate all kind of taste. Salt or sweet. Hot or cold.  Spicy or soft. It's literally up to you what you wanna eat but for sure you're gonna find all you want. It's always crowed of people and it's difficult to find a free seat but you should absolutely go there because it's an incredible place to have good time. The atmosphere is really romantic but also easygoing. Annnnnd don't forget to try the cocktails at "Gin&tonic bar" because they are fabulous and pick up one or maybe two of the little sweet pastries. 

2. EDEL (Postjesweg 1) BEER TIME- EVENING 

The terrace on the water make this place unique but I have to admit that also the interior of the restaurant it's really really original. You feel to be at home instead to be in a restaurant and I felt really comfortable. 
I just went to have a beer so unfortunately I didn't taste any plates of their menu but we where there when the sun was going down and the view is amazing. 
I know that the cuisine of this place is organic where possible and they usually use the fresh fruits of each season thanks to their local suppliers. Good people (every ages) and good beers (every types) are the perfect combination to end up your day. 
Cheers and try to enjoy the sunset over there, it's wonderful. 


I have been there during one of my day off, actually it was a beautiful sunny day so I have enjoyed the sun outside in the little terrace. 
This place is located in the city center just near-by the shopping street Kalverstratt, I know also that they are located in other 2 different spots in the city and that they are pretty famous in France. Anyway I took an orange juice and a Caeser salad. It was the right meal at the right moment. Really fresh and enough to keep going with my shopping. If you don't have to much time to eat because you are in a hurry it's the right place to go. 

4. VAN'T SPIT (De Clercqstraat 95) DINNER TIME

Do you wanna eat an entire roasted chicken? This is the right place. 
Do you wanna go out for a dinner with your friends but you don't know where? This is the right place. 
Ok, I went on a Saturday night with other 3 friends of mine and it was not so crowded but I mean we were all Italians and we usually eat really late. 
We ordered two entire roasted chicken and all the things that you can combine with like french fries, corns, salads, bread with butter and of course beers for everybody. They will serve everything in the rustic dishes like you can see in the picture. 
We were really satisfied and everything was super delicious so we have decided to come back soon. 
You can enjoy your dinner also outside in the little terrace and ask to the team to advice what's better for you and your friends. Make it sure to end the dinner with an italian coffe, Espresso by Buscaglione coffee.


Do you wanna go to the beach in the city? This is the place where you rather be in the future. It’s located nearby Amsterdam Rai (exhibition place) and unfortunately it’s little bit difficult to find but you have just go through the buildings and you’ll find out ( I know this is not the perfect description to go there but you can also find it with google maps-use the technology). 
Anyway this place will be “love at first sight” also for you guys. It’s an amazing location to chill and to have fun with friends and at the moment it become one of my fav spot in Amsterdam. You can also play beach volley and maybe also jump in the water. When I went they were organizing a private event so I didn’t have the possibility to enjoy their cocktails or their food but maybe we can do it together? Sounds a good idea? They have big sofas and pillows for everybody. Next my day-off with sun you'll find me there.  

Advice me new places to go I'm addicted to have FUN.
Addiction: FOOD and DRINKS.