Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Friday, 24 July 2015

It's all about FOOD.

1. VOLT ( Ferdinand Bolstraat 178, 1072 - Amsterdam South) 

Special place with a special person.

It's located in one of my favorite zone of Amsterdam, exactly in De Pijp and the atmosphere inside and outside it's really romantic and relaxed.
I went there in a quite and windy Tuesday of July for a dinner and it was not crowded and the team was fast and super efficient (all girls of course).
We started with two different starters: "Volt Salad" completely vegetarian with hummus bitterballen and " Squid Chorizo" fish combined wit rice and fresh tomatoes sauce.
Than as a first plate: "Chef's daily" and "Lobster's tortelli". 
If you're going to eat fish you should take absolutely a white wine but also the Pinot Grigio Rosè was a good deal. 
I didn't expect too much because it's really difficult to surprise me but everything was delicious and the presentation of the plates was accurate and really particular.
I don't have good pictures of the dinner because I wanted to share that moment with the person who was sitting in front of me so you should go there and try as much as you can and share that moment with love. 
If you wanna be sure to have a seat you can also reserve a table.

2. RADIJS ( Jan Evertsenstraat 41HS - Amsterdam West) 

I discovered this place when I moved to my new flat, located in the zone of Baarsjees in the West of Amsterdam. This place has a beautiful view on the Admiralengracht (big canal) and when the weather is good you can enjoy your meal in the terrace but I mean you can also eat inside enjoying the chefs while they are cooking because they have an open kitchen. They are open everyday so you can go when you want also for a typical "borrel" (kind of aperitif).
The name of this place is in dutch language and in English means "Radishes".
You'll find this kind of vegetable in almost every plate, it's their symbol.
I went there more than one time, the first time was during a lazy afternoon, little bit cold but the sun was up and so I have enjoyed my cappuccino (it was perfect-I'm really critical) and a really good cheesecake with fresh strawberries on. 
I will go again.. do you wanna enjoy me? Let's go together. 

3.LA SPAGHETTERIA ( Jan Hanzenstraat 32 - Amsterdam West) 

Do you know the meaning of the word “picky”? Well, this is the right word to describe myself when I’m talking about Italian food abroad from Italy. Maybe it will sound little bit weird but when I’m away of my country and I’m going out to have a dinner I would like to try every time different kind of food instead of mine anyway this time I have decided to change my mind and after a lot of good comments from some friend I went on a Friday night to an Italian restaurant called “La spaghetteria”.  
They are located in two different places, the biggest is in the West of Amsterdam and the other one, little bit more cozy is in the South in De Pijp aerea. 
The menù is little bit limited but the choice of the sauces are really uncommon but really good; they are serving different kind of fresh past like : “Ricche all’arrabbiata” “ Spaghetti alle vongole” “ Pappardelle al ragù di agnello” with the combination of a good italian wine. 
You can end your dinner with a real good tiramisù (home made) and of course with a coffe-espresso . 
All the chefs are Italians but the team who will follow you are composed by dutch guys, they are friendly, young and available to all your requests. 
I already knew that this place is pretty famous in Amsterdam and that’s why it’s always super crowded so better to go in time.
The quality is good but in my opinion is little bit expensive.  

4. STADPALEIS ( Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 277 - Amsterdam Center) 

It's always the same story, when I'm having my day-off I'm trying, as much as I can, to enjoy every single day of my life in this amazing city that is giving moments like at "Stadpaleis".
This cute place is located in center of Amsterdam and exactly in the middle of a street.
It's a little yellow building, so it's easy to find it, very characteristic place and really famous for organic hamburgers.
They have a little terrace where you can enjoy the food and chill a bit.
When I went I was alone and for a super quick lunch and I have decided to took a sandwich from the menu with chicken, avocado, tomatoes and curry sauce.
There is also the possibility to add to your "panino" what you really like : salads, other kind of sauce, bacon and so on.
You could think that was a normal and simple sandwich but my dear readers the taste was really really good and was super fresh and the combination with the orange juice was absolutely perfect. But the next time let's go together to the little "paleis" to try their fabulous Hamburgers.

5. PLATO LOCO (Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 29 - Amsterdam West) 

This place is pretty new in town, they just opened the 1st of July and the spontaneous question that come to my mind was: "why did you wait so long?"
This little and cozy restaurant is located in a quite aerea in the West of Amsterdam and even from outside you can feel the real atmosphere of a Caribbean place.
I went there on a Saturday evening with my friend in crime, the one who never says NO if I ask her to try new restaurants.
We have enjoyed our dinner outside in the little terrace, very romantic and very quite.
We decided to start with a "Chicken empanada" like a starter and like a first plate we took two different plates.
I took "Jamaican Jerk Chicken" served with rise and beans, platanos and salads and she took "Chef Special" a vegetarian plate with a sort of spinach, platanos and avocado.
The people that are working there are super friendly and available to every kind of requests and they will explain to you about every single plates if you ask.
Me and my friend had also a pleasure to know a real sweet dutch couple, Linda and Micheal,  that made absolutely our night. We had a great time, talking about life and advising each other new places to go and eat.
So this can happen at Plato Loco, fabulous food and good people.
I'll come back to try other specialities, shall we go together?

So my dear readers don't esitate to try these spots because I have found really incredible plates that are difficult to forget. 
I will never stop to discover.
I will do also for you.