Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Friday, 25 December 2015

I wish to YOU.

I wish you time, to have Fun and LAUGH, 
if you will do it, you will get something from it.
I wish you time to make your things and thinking, 
not only for yourself, but also to five something to OTHERS. 
I wish you time, not to rush and run, 

but time to be HAPPY.

I wish you time, not only to spend it,
I wish you time 'cause you will stay:
time to be surprised and time for TRUST
and not only to look at the clock.
I wish you time to touch the stars
and time to grow, to MATURE.
I wish you time, to HOPE and to LOVE again.
No more sense to wait.
I wish you time to find yourself,
to live your every day, every time as a gift.
I wish you time also to FORGIVE.
I hope you to have time, TIME FOR LIFE.

This is for YOU.
This is for ME. 
me and my future posts.


And Cheers! 

Friday, 11 December 2015


The weekend is already started and which is the best way to ENJOY it? 
Well, we have started with a brunch at Bakers & Roasters in Amsterdam (De pijp area). 
Nice and cozy location for a perfect meal.
A large choice of eggs poached, salads, coffees, healthy juices and a variety of cakes and cupcakes!

My advice? GO FOR IT, WE DID! 

Which is your favorite place to have a brunch in Amsterdam? 
Let me know because I have became obsessed !
If you want to know other tips for the weekend just read the old posts :) 

ENJOY the reading and the WEEKEND too. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

A thousand words to..

One place and a thousand words to describe it. 
Quality Time
Xmas vibes
Girls's day
Glühwein and walnut cake

You can find everything
At Cafè Brecht
(Wateringschans 157)

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Quality Time with people you love in a place you like!

Everyone is looking for some "Quality Time" and it's always a good idea to spend time with people you love, even better if you combine that specific moment with something sweet like a fruit crumble and a fresh smoothie.
Amsterdam is full of super nice places and every time is really difficult to decide where to go to chill on a Sunday afternoon but here I am to give you guys a tip. 
The place I'm talking about it's called "CT coffe & coconuts" and it's located in De Pijp.
It's quite big, there are three floors, big tables for big groups or comfy pillows and sofas where to chill. It's also a nice place if you have to study with your classmates or working on some projects. 
I have been there several times and I have tried every time different things and I would say that the food is healthy and also super tasty. 
You should try the juices in the big coconuts because they are delicious or their burgers with some sweet potatoes.  
I should stop to talk about food because I'm starving. 

Do you know a better place to chill? 
Let me know because next Sunday I would like to try something new.  

Monday, 12 October 2015

Take me away, take me to Lombardo's.

"Some say..Amsterdam best burger". 

Well, I have to be honest,  I'm one of them.
Do you wanna eat a super duper delicious burger and maybe take it home?
The perfect place is absolutely LOMBARDO'S.
The taste of the meat is spectacular and their sauces even more. I have taken the one called: PORK-A-LICIOUS 180gr: pulled pork, red wine onion compote, lettuce, sweet tomato, mini pickles and homemade burger sauce.
I couldn't finish because was really big and my hands were completely dirty :)
The place is located in the center of the city, 5 minutes walking from Museumplein, exactly in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 50.
You should also check their website: http://www.lombardos.nl

THIS WEEK: Lombardo's present exclusively for the Amsterdam dance event (ADE) a special burger called "FIREWORKS DISCO BURGER".

Shall we go anche try together? C'mon let's go.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Time for coffee, time for me.

Monday tip will be : "CORNER BAKERY."
For Italians, coffe is like a knowledge, a tradition and a must have after lunch.
So it's really important to not skip that moment of the day.
But what's a good coffe?
Well, I think it's really difficult to drink a good  and authentic coffe even in Italy so you can imagine abroad but I'm not too picky so I have found this cozy place where I have enjoyed my coffe time.
Where is located? In a corner of course and in a quite zone just two minutes walking from Museumplein and De pijp area.
You can also enjoy the little terrace when the weather is good and if it's crowded don't be shy to ask if they have places downstairs.
I have seen good cakes and other kind of food so I'll definitely go back there.

Do you have a special place to have a good coffee? 

The meaning of coffe for me - TODAY
"It's time to take care of my self, to take a break of everything and think about what's going on in my life. Sometimes you just need to take your time, take your space in this amazing city but you need the right place. I'm playing my favorite song and I'm feeling little bit better. More coffe and less stress"

Sunday, 13 September 2015

A tip for tonight

I know, I'm not publishing since a long time but a lot of things happened and I didn't have time to write about all the new places I have discovered. The autumn is coming and you need to cuddle yourself with something warm so I can give you a tip for tonight's dinner. You should eat at  "Jacketz". I'm not going to write any comment about this place because I'm sure you'll appreciate as much as I have done it. 


Friday, 24 July 2015

It's all about FOOD.

1. VOLT ( Ferdinand Bolstraat 178, 1072 - Amsterdam South) 

Special place with a special person.

It's located in one of my favorite zone of Amsterdam, exactly in De Pijp and the atmosphere inside and outside it's really romantic and relaxed.
I went there in a quite and windy Tuesday of July for a dinner and it was not crowded and the team was fast and super efficient (all girls of course).
We started with two different starters: "Volt Salad" completely vegetarian with hummus bitterballen and " Squid Chorizo" fish combined wit rice and fresh tomatoes sauce.
Than as a first plate: "Chef's daily" and "Lobster's tortelli". 
If you're going to eat fish you should take absolutely a white wine but also the Pinot Grigio Rosè was a good deal. 
I didn't expect too much because it's really difficult to surprise me but everything was delicious and the presentation of the plates was accurate and really particular.
I don't have good pictures of the dinner because I wanted to share that moment with the person who was sitting in front of me so you should go there and try as much as you can and share that moment with love. 
If you wanna be sure to have a seat you can also reserve a table.

2. RADIJS ( Jan Evertsenstraat 41HS - Amsterdam West) 

I discovered this place when I moved to my new flat, located in the zone of Baarsjees in the West of Amsterdam. This place has a beautiful view on the Admiralengracht (big canal) and when the weather is good you can enjoy your meal in the terrace but I mean you can also eat inside enjoying the chefs while they are cooking because they have an open kitchen. They are open everyday so you can go when you want also for a typical "borrel" (kind of aperitif).
The name of this place is in dutch language and in English means "Radishes".
You'll find this kind of vegetable in almost every plate, it's their symbol.
I went there more than one time, the first time was during a lazy afternoon, little bit cold but the sun was up and so I have enjoyed my cappuccino (it was perfect-I'm really critical) and a really good cheesecake with fresh strawberries on. 
I will go again.. do you wanna enjoy me? Let's go together. 

3.LA SPAGHETTERIA ( Jan Hanzenstraat 32 - Amsterdam West) 

Do you know the meaning of the word “picky”? Well, this is the right word to describe myself when I’m talking about Italian food abroad from Italy. Maybe it will sound little bit weird but when I’m away of my country and I’m going out to have a dinner I would like to try every time different kind of food instead of mine anyway this time I have decided to change my mind and after a lot of good comments from some friend I went on a Friday night to an Italian restaurant called “La spaghetteria”.  
They are located in two different places, the biggest is in the West of Amsterdam and the other one, little bit more cozy is in the South in De Pijp aerea. 
The menù is little bit limited but the choice of the sauces are really uncommon but really good; they are serving different kind of fresh past like : “Ricche all’arrabbiata” “ Spaghetti alle vongole” “ Pappardelle al ragù di agnello” with the combination of a good italian wine. 
You can end your dinner with a real good tiramisù (home made) and of course with a coffe-espresso . 
All the chefs are Italians but the team who will follow you are composed by dutch guys, they are friendly, young and available to all your requests. 
I already knew that this place is pretty famous in Amsterdam and that’s why it’s always super crowded so better to go in time.
The quality is good but in my opinion is little bit expensive.  

4. STADPALEIS ( Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 277 - Amsterdam Center) 

It's always the same story, when I'm having my day-off I'm trying, as much as I can, to enjoy every single day of my life in this amazing city that is giving moments like at "Stadpaleis".
This cute place is located in center of Amsterdam and exactly in the middle of a street.
It's a little yellow building, so it's easy to find it, very characteristic place and really famous for organic hamburgers.
They have a little terrace where you can enjoy the food and chill a bit.
When I went I was alone and for a super quick lunch and I have decided to took a sandwich from the menu with chicken, avocado, tomatoes and curry sauce.
There is also the possibility to add to your "panino" what you really like : salads, other kind of sauce, bacon and so on.
You could think that was a normal and simple sandwich but my dear readers the taste was really really good and was super fresh and the combination with the orange juice was absolutely perfect. But the next time let's go together to the little "paleis" to try their fabulous Hamburgers.

5. PLATO LOCO (Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 29 - Amsterdam West) 

This place is pretty new in town, they just opened the 1st of July and the spontaneous question that come to my mind was: "why did you wait so long?"
This little and cozy restaurant is located in a quite aerea in the West of Amsterdam and even from outside you can feel the real atmosphere of a Caribbean place.
I went there on a Saturday evening with my friend in crime, the one who never says NO if I ask her to try new restaurants.
We have enjoyed our dinner outside in the little terrace, very romantic and very quite.
We decided to start with a "Chicken empanada" like a starter and like a first plate we took two different plates.
I took "Jamaican Jerk Chicken" served with rise and beans, platanos and salads and she took "Chef Special" a vegetarian plate with a sort of spinach, platanos and avocado.
The people that are working there are super friendly and available to every kind of requests and they will explain to you about every single plates if you ask.
Me and my friend had also a pleasure to know a real sweet dutch couple, Linda and Micheal,  that made absolutely our night. We had a great time, talking about life and advising each other new places to go and eat.
So this can happen at Plato Loco, fabulous food and good people.
I'll come back to try other specialities, shall we go together?

So my dear readers don't esitate to try these spots because I have found really incredible plates that are difficult to forget. 
I will never stop to discover.
I will do also for you. 

ENJOY :)  

Monday, 15 June 2015

More and more: TOP5 of the month.


This place is inspired by other markets around Europe like: by "Jorgensens" in Copenhagen, by "Mercado de San Miguel" in Madrid and also by "Borough Market" in London. This market was created for the citizens but also for the tourists to enjoy different cuisines in only one place. You can walk through different "stands" and appreciate all kind of taste. Salt or sweet. Hot or cold.  Spicy or soft. It's literally up to you what you wanna eat but for sure you're gonna find all you want. It's always crowed of people and it's difficult to find a free seat but you should absolutely go there because it's an incredible place to have good time. The atmosphere is really romantic but also easygoing. Annnnnd don't forget to try the cocktails at "Gin&tonic bar" because they are fabulous and pick up one or maybe two of the little sweet pastries. 

2. EDEL (Postjesweg 1) BEER TIME- EVENING 

The terrace on the water make this place unique but I have to admit that also the interior of the restaurant it's really really original. You feel to be at home instead to be in a restaurant and I felt really comfortable. 
I just went to have a beer so unfortunately I didn't taste any plates of their menu but we where there when the sun was going down and the view is amazing. 
I know that the cuisine of this place is organic where possible and they usually use the fresh fruits of each season thanks to their local suppliers. Good people (every ages) and good beers (every types) are the perfect combination to end up your day. 
Cheers and try to enjoy the sunset over there, it's wonderful. 


I have been there during one of my day off, actually it was a beautiful sunny day so I have enjoyed the sun outside in the little terrace. 
This place is located in the city center just near-by the shopping street Kalverstratt, I know also that they are located in other 2 different spots in the city and that they are pretty famous in France. Anyway I took an orange juice and a Caeser salad. It was the right meal at the right moment. Really fresh and enough to keep going with my shopping. If you don't have to much time to eat because you are in a hurry it's the right place to go. 

4. VAN'T SPIT (De Clercqstraat 95) DINNER TIME

Do you wanna eat an entire roasted chicken? This is the right place. 
Do you wanna go out for a dinner with your friends but you don't know where? This is the right place. 
Ok, I went on a Saturday night with other 3 friends of mine and it was not so crowded but I mean we were all Italians and we usually eat really late. 
We ordered two entire roasted chicken and all the things that you can combine with like french fries, corns, salads, bread with butter and of course beers for everybody. They will serve everything in the rustic dishes like you can see in the picture. 
We were really satisfied and everything was super delicious so we have decided to come back soon. 
You can enjoy your dinner also outside in the little terrace and ask to the team to advice what's better for you and your friends. Make it sure to end the dinner with an italian coffe, Espresso by Buscaglione coffee.


Do you wanna go to the beach in the city? This is the place where you rather be in the future. It’s located nearby Amsterdam Rai (exhibition place) and unfortunately it’s little bit difficult to find but you have just go through the buildings and you’ll find out ( I know this is not the perfect description to go there but you can also find it with google maps-use the technology). 
Anyway this place will be “love at first sight” also for you guys. It’s an amazing location to chill and to have fun with friends and at the moment it become one of my fav spot in Amsterdam. You can also play beach volley and maybe also jump in the water. When I went they were organizing a private event so I didn’t have the possibility to enjoy their cocktails or their food but maybe we can do it together? Sounds a good idea? They have big sofas and pillows for everybody. Next my day-off with sun you'll find me there.  

Advice me new places to go I'm addicted to have FUN.
Addiction: FOOD and DRINKS.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Top 5 of places where you should go in Amsterdam.

I wanna create a TOP5 list every month of the best places where you should go to appreciate their good food, good beverages and good vibes.
All the places I will talk about I have already tasted for you guys so I hope you'll like.

1. CAFE GEORGE (Leidsegracht 84 - city center) - BREAK TIME.
A little elegant terrace in a quite zone just near by the canal and in the city center.
I tasted by my self their Cheesecake with ice cream and red fruit combined with a fresh mint tea. But than some friends of mine they tasted the chocolate cake and they were completely in love so now it's up to you what to choose.
I think "delicious" is the right word to describe the taste of everything.
I went for a break but you should go also to have a lunch or a dinner because I saw on the Menù other amazing meals.

2. PLLEK ( TT Neveritaweg 59) - LUNCH TIME.
Different place means also different location.
This fantastic place is located in the north of Amsterdam so you have to take the ferry (just 5 mins) and walking other 2 min.
This place is original and really special because it has also a big terrace where you also lie down on a sort of sofa.
During the weekend if you don't want to wait and you'll be more than two people it's better to reserve a table.
Me and my friend were really lucky and we didn't wait a minute.
We took the same plate, we have decided to had an hamburger with salads but than suddenly we felt in love with the plate of other guests.
Toasted bread with spinach and mushrooms covered by two Benedict eggs.
Can I say "orgasm in the mouth" ? Ok I said. Just to be sure that you understand the state.
Also smoothies of the day and cappuccino are good.

The place is located inside the most famous park in the city called Voldelpark.
You can enjoy the sun until the sunset from their big terrace.
You'll find also families with children but also young people.
They have the choice of some beers and you can also have the typical dutch food (bitterballen or "yellow" cheese) .
It's the perfect place to chill after a biking around the park and enjoying the sun when you're lucky.

4. CHOCOLATE BAR  ( Eeeatw van der Helstraat 62) -DINNER TIME.
Ok, I have to be honest, this place is really one of my favorite place (restaurant) in the city and I'm going to explain why.
First of all is located in my favorite area, De pijp, second because the name is related to CHOCOLATE and third because over there I always had good time and good food.
The local is really romantic and it's perfect for the first date with somebody but you should go also with friends as I have done a lot of time.
I have been there a lot of time but the last was super.
I tasted "the plate of the day", it was salmon with small shrimps, veggies, potatoes and a dutch sauce.
They always offer before your ordination a sort of bread with herbs' butter and their specialities are the desserts (my advice: you should take the chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream ).

5. WATERKANT (Marnixstraat 246) - BEER TIME.
A chaotic place near by the canal where you can chill but also make crazy stuff with your friends.
Usually it's always full of people so this is the right place where you can meet new friends.
A huge choice of beers and they are specialized in the Suriname food (you should try one time in your life because the taste is delicious).

I hope that this post will help somebody to choose the right place to go and have a good meal. 
I will taste for you other places just to be sure to give you a good advice. 

ENJOY your time in the city because I DO.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Monday Oh Monday!

Monday Oh Monday you have been so good to me..
At the moment you're my favorite day of the week.
I always had my day off from my job and until now always good weather.
Two days ago I was totally free from everything and I decided to take my bike and go..where? I didn't know but I was in the mood "let's go and enjoy the sun".
I was biking in the middle of nowhere and suddenly something captured my eyes, was the entrance of a park, of the "AMSTELPARK".
Ok, I didn't expect anything but when I just start to look around me I felt in love with everything.
A real love at first sight.
Completely quite, no tourists, few people, a lounge bar to chill near by a little lake, ducks and other animals, flowers and plants in a perfect condition and also a little train (for children) to visit the entire park and also a mini golf for everybody. You can also find a memorial for Dutch soldiers died during the Second War World but also other types of architectures.




I will go there again and again because Amstelpark became one of my fav spot in Amsterdam.
But.. Which is your fav place in Amsterdam? Let me know because I want to discover and know more and more  about this city but don't forget to follow me and my daily life on Instagram under my hashtag: #mylifeindam or under my profile's name: cmoskiri!


Friday, 24 April 2015

FRIDAY? Salopette is BACK!


I have always thought that salopette is not for everybody even for me but actually is not that bad and I got this lovely one from Lee from Bellerose. 
I look younger, maybe 12 years old but certainly well dress. 

I decided to customize it with flowers so it's looks much more girly 
and you? What would you like to do with yours? 

Have a good Weekend I will work also for you!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Do you know a good place to chill? YES, i do!

One of the best places in Amsterdam to hang out with friends is "HANNEKES BOOM".
(you can find more info also on their Facebook's page!)
My first night in the city I went there and it was like "love at first sight".
In my opinion the best part of this place it's outside, colors tables with a fantastic view to NEMO museum and of course near by the water.
The boats can dock to the pier and people can jump to the local.
Few tourists and most of the people are dutch or citizen of the city so you can feel the real Dutch atmosphere.
I have been there a lot of time and after two months I can say that's absolutely one of my fav place to chill during my days off.
Good food, good bears and sometimes also good music (live).
The location is unique little bit hipster but not too much.
You can find families, business man with suits and ties (sometimes) but also young people that really love to share moments.
It's kind of place where you don't need to dress up but just go there how you daily wear.
When sun is up that place is magic and I know also from some friends of mine that during the summer is super cool when they open the terrace.

Now it's up to you!

Which is your favorite Spot in Amsterdam to chill? I'm freaking curious :)

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Yesterday was my dayoff from my job and so I decided to spend it going shopping in the city center and I bought this book at "UrbanOutfitters" (super cool shop, you should visit also the website http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/index.jsp).

Ok, it's definitely my BOOK!
In two hours I have finished to read every single quotes and I have found all the advices that I was looking for.. and I wanna advice to buy it because it made my day!



ENJOY the reading :) 

Sunday, 5 April 2015



Finalmente ad Amsterdam è uscito il SOLE. 
E io posso sfoggiare le mie adorate AllStar ROSSE :) 
Finally in Amsterdam the SUN is up. 
And now I can show you my beloved RED AllStar. 


Follow me on Instagram to see my day with my hashtag: mylifeindam 
or under my name: Cmonskiri 

Sunday, 22 March 2015


You should go and see with your own eyes.

Il mio "Mood" di un sabato pomeriggio ad Amsterdam.
Nonostante non sembri, dato il vento che tirava e le nuvole ieri era il primo giorno di Primavera
Ho così deciso di festeggiarlo a modo mio. Qualcuno di voi già lo sa, ho una passione sconsiderata per i mercatini vintage e secondhand. 
Di solito partecipo come espositrice "all'East Market Milano" (mi consiglio di andare alla prossima edizione) ma siccome da un mese e mezzo vivo ad Amsterdam oggi, con due amiche italiane, ho deciso che era oneroso fare un giro al "FleaMarket" più grande d'Europa. 
Solitamente viene fatto una volta al mese e dura tutto il weekend, quindi cari lettori dai Paesi Bassi potete farci un salto anche oggi. 
Apre alle 9.00 e chiude alle 16.30 con ingresso a pagamento a 5€.

Cosa aspettarvi? DI TUTTO, forse è la risposta corretta. 
Non ho mai visto un mercato così grande (750 stand) e così ben organizzato. 
E' suddiviso in due Hall enormi nei quali avrete l'imbarazzo della scelta, credo di aver visto qualsiasi tipo di cosa. 
Ah ricordatevi di prelevare prima di andarci perché nessuno vi farà strisciare le vostre bellissime carte. 
Sono andata con la voglia di passare una bella giornata in compagnia non alla ricerca di qualcosa di particolare. 
Chiaramente il mio occhio attento e curioso è stato attratto da uno stand di due ragazzi per i quali sono felice di fare un po' di pubblicità quindi vi allego il link del loro sito dove potrete trovare tutte le informazioni: http://www.gavezooi.nl . 
Esponevano: arredamento, utensili, scatole di latta e tanto altro. 
E la loro simpatia e disponibilità è stata gratuita.

Le future date saranno l'11 e il 12 di Aprile, io sicuramente un giro lo farò quindi magari ci incontreremo li. 
Adoro questi posti perché si può trovare di tutto e a prezzi davvero bassissimi, sentivo qualcuno che vendeva tutto a 1€. 
La cosa fondamentale è sapere cercare e guardare attentamente. 
Questi non sono posti per visitatori distratti e svogliati ma per tutti coloro che hanno voglia di scoprire e cercare cose "nuove". 

Vi allego qui sotto il link del sito web ufficiale del mercato dove è possibile trovare tutte le indicazioni su come arrivare, su come diventare espositori (se siete interessati) e vedere qualche foto della location. 

E poi vorrei darvi un consiglio personale: se avete bisogno di un "Recovery" dopo lo shopping sfrenato a qualche metro dall'ingresso troverete uno dei posti più particolari e stravaganti che abbia mai visto, si chiama : " Noordelich"( http://www.noorderlichtcafe.nl).
Mi hanno raccontato che d'estate è ancora più affascinante ma credo che questa foto qui sotto possa bastare per farvi venire voglia di andarci. 

Happy Weekend and Enjoy your life.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Stay Tuned

I'm working on a good post maybe something about 
Amsterdam and vintage-secondhand markets and an "Opening Party" of a good Restaurant.
My advice is "Stay Tuned- Something is coming soon". 
Don't forget to take a look to my hashtag #mylifeindam, you can follow me and my adventure.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

NO PAIN NO GAIN and #mylifeindam

" No Pain No Gain! "
E' come il detto : "Se bella vuoi apparire un po' devi soffrire!" 
o : " Hai voluto la bicicletta? E mò pedala!" 

Ok, questa è la situazione della mia vita ad Amsterdam.
Queste tre frasi la rappresentano al meglio.
Ho scelto io di partire, ho deciso io la destinazione, ma ho anche deciso di mettermi in gioco e tentare. Nella vita non si può vivere di rimpianti o di "che peccato, ho sprecato l'occasione!", insomma io ho semplicemente preso una decisione.
Sono qui da due settimane e sono follemente innamorata di questa città, della mia bicicletta rossa e anche se è un po' vecchia e scassata mi porta ovunque (anche sotto la pioggia -.- ) ma sopratutto sono finalmente FELICE!

Cose che ho fatto fino ad adesso?
Sono finalmente una cittadina olandese ( o quasi ).
Ho aperto un conto in banca.
Ho un numero di telefono olandese.
Ho imparato a frenare con i freni a pedali.
Ho mangiato la miglior Carot Cake della mia vita.
Ho visitato Utrecht e Den Haag (ho visto anche il mare-fantastico!)
Sto imparando l'olandese "bymyself" e l'impresa è davvero ardua ma spero di riuscire nella mia missione.
Sono stata broccolata da un olandese che era più ubriaco che vivo ma con una certa classe (i dettagli solo per intimi ahahaha).
Ho fatto la foto con la scritta "Iamsterdam" come una vera turista.
Sono stata al DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton ("Skylounge") a godermi la miglior vista della città (sia di giorno che di notte).
Ho bevuto birra come se non ci fosse un domani.. e sono stata in pub di soli olandesi dove mi sarò innamorata circa una dozzina di volte.
Ho preparato un vero brunch per due.
Ho mangiato una pizza italiana: qualità nella media ( ristorante "La Perla").
Ammetto di aver fatto shopping, si ma all'Ikea.
Ah e come potevo dimenticarmi dell'innamoramento con il fioraio vicino a casa e dell'acquisto di una ventina di tulipani rossi.

PS: se volete seguire le mie avventure potere trovare tutte le foto sul mio profilo Instagram "cmonskiri" o sotto l'hashtag #mylifeindam ma anche sull'album delle foto su Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/cinzia.melograna/media_set?set=a.10153249858155695.1073741841.676115694&type=1&pnref=story

Friday, 20 February 2015

MY first WEEK in Dam.

With this Photo Diary I wanna show you my first week in Amsterdam. 
If you wanna follow me on Instagram search for the hashtag: #mylifeindam (Cmonskiri). 
Follow ME and my DREAM. 

ps: ASAP I'll write something about this amazing life in Dam.