Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Monday, 12 October 2015

Take me away, take me to Lombardo's.

"Some say..Amsterdam best burger". 

Well, I have to be honest,  I'm one of them.
Do you wanna eat a super duper delicious burger and maybe take it home?
The perfect place is absolutely LOMBARDO'S.
The taste of the meat is spectacular and their sauces even more. I have taken the one called: PORK-A-LICIOUS 180gr: pulled pork, red wine onion compote, lettuce, sweet tomato, mini pickles and homemade burger sauce.
I couldn't finish because was really big and my hands were completely dirty :)
The place is located in the center of the city, 5 minutes walking from Museumplein, exactly in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 50.
You should also check their website: http://www.lombardos.nl

THIS WEEK: Lombardo's present exclusively for the Amsterdam dance event (ADE) a special burger called "FIREWORKS DISCO BURGER".

Shall we go anche try together? C'mon let's go.