Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Monday, 18 May 2015

Top 5 of places where you should go in Amsterdam.

I wanna create a TOP5 list every month of the best places where you should go to appreciate their good food, good beverages and good vibes.
All the places I will talk about I have already tasted for you guys so I hope you'll like.

1. CAFE GEORGE (Leidsegracht 84 - city center) - BREAK TIME.
A little elegant terrace in a quite zone just near by the canal and in the city center.
I tasted by my self their Cheesecake with ice cream and red fruit combined with a fresh mint tea. But than some friends of mine they tasted the chocolate cake and they were completely in love so now it's up to you what to choose.
I think "delicious" is the right word to describe the taste of everything.
I went for a break but you should go also to have a lunch or a dinner because I saw on the Menù other amazing meals.

2. PLLEK ( TT Neveritaweg 59) - LUNCH TIME.
Different place means also different location.
This fantastic place is located in the north of Amsterdam so you have to take the ferry (just 5 mins) and walking other 2 min.
This place is original and really special because it has also a big terrace where you also lie down on a sort of sofa.
During the weekend if you don't want to wait and you'll be more than two people it's better to reserve a table.
Me and my friend were really lucky and we didn't wait a minute.
We took the same plate, we have decided to had an hamburger with salads but than suddenly we felt in love with the plate of other guests.
Toasted bread with spinach and mushrooms covered by two Benedict eggs.
Can I say "orgasm in the mouth" ? Ok I said. Just to be sure that you understand the state.
Also smoothies of the day and cappuccino are good.

The place is located inside the most famous park in the city called Voldelpark.
You can enjoy the sun until the sunset from their big terrace.
You'll find also families with children but also young people.
They have the choice of some beers and you can also have the typical dutch food (bitterballen or "yellow" cheese) .
It's the perfect place to chill after a biking around the park and enjoying the sun when you're lucky.

4. CHOCOLATE BAR  ( Eeeatw van der Helstraat 62) -DINNER TIME.
Ok, I have to be honest, this place is really one of my favorite place (restaurant) in the city and I'm going to explain why.
First of all is located in my favorite area, De pijp, second because the name is related to CHOCOLATE and third because over there I always had good time and good food.
The local is really romantic and it's perfect for the first date with somebody but you should go also with friends as I have done a lot of time.
I have been there a lot of time but the last was super.
I tasted "the plate of the day", it was salmon with small shrimps, veggies, potatoes and a dutch sauce.
They always offer before your ordination a sort of bread with herbs' butter and their specialities are the desserts (my advice: you should take the chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream ).

5. WATERKANT (Marnixstraat 246) - BEER TIME.
A chaotic place near by the canal where you can chill but also make crazy stuff with your friends.
Usually it's always full of people so this is the right place where you can meet new friends.
A huge choice of beers and they are specialized in the Suriname food (you should try one time in your life because the taste is delicious).

I hope that this post will help somebody to choose the right place to go and have a good meal. 
I will taste for you other places just to be sure to give you a good advice. 

ENJOY your time in the city because I DO.

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