Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Monday Oh Monday!

Monday Oh Monday you have been so good to me..
At the moment you're my favorite day of the week.
I always had my day off from my job and until now always good weather.
Two days ago I was totally free from everything and I decided to take my bike and go..where? I didn't know but I was in the mood "let's go and enjoy the sun".
I was biking in the middle of nowhere and suddenly something captured my eyes, was the entrance of a park, of the "AMSTELPARK".
Ok, I didn't expect anything but when I just start to look around me I felt in love with everything.
A real love at first sight.
Completely quite, no tourists, few people, a lounge bar to chill near by a little lake, ducks and other animals, flowers and plants in a perfect condition and also a little train (for children) to visit the entire park and also a mini golf for everybody. You can also find a memorial for Dutch soldiers died during the Second War World but also other types of architectures.




I will go there again and again because Amstelpark became one of my fav spot in Amsterdam.
But.. Which is your fav place in Amsterdam? Let me know because I want to discover and know more and more  about this city but don't forget to follow me and my daily life on Instagram under my hashtag: #mylifeindam or under my profile's name: cmoskiri!