Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Do you know a good place to chill? YES, i do!

One of the best places in Amsterdam to hang out with friends is "HANNEKES BOOM".
(you can find more info also on their Facebook's page!)
My first night in the city I went there and it was like "love at first sight".
In my opinion the best part of this place it's outside, colors tables with a fantastic view to NEMO museum and of course near by the water.
The boats can dock to the pier and people can jump to the local.
Few tourists and most of the people are dutch or citizen of the city so you can feel the real Dutch atmosphere.
I have been there a lot of time and after two months I can say that's absolutely one of my fav place to chill during my days off.
Good food, good bears and sometimes also good music (live).
The location is unique little bit hipster but not too much.
You can find families, business man with suits and ties (sometimes) but also young people that really love to share moments.
It's kind of place where you don't need to dress up but just go there how you daily wear.
When sun is up that place is magic and I know also from some friends of mine that during the summer is super cool when they open the terrace.

Now it's up to you!

Which is your favorite Spot in Amsterdam to chill? I'm freaking curious :)