Lost in the sky

Lost in the sky

Monday, 18 January 2016


The weekend usually is PIZZA TIME and yesterday night was the time for it.
Dear readers you know that I'm Italian so you should know that for me PIZZA is a real tradition.
And to respect this tradition is really really difficult but anyway after several attempts maybe I have found the best pizza in town.
I'm talking about "SOTTO", is located in De Pijp area, it's pretty small but you can also take it home if it's too busy.
Unfortunately nobody is Italian but I have to be honest, till now Sotto's pizza is the best one I have tried in Amsterdam.

Compared to the other places I have been, Sotto has a wide choice of pizzas and we have tried some of them (not all yesterday) and they are all pretty tasty. The pizza in the pic is "Quattro stagioni" with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, mushrooms, ham, salami and parmesan. If you wanna drink a good wine my tip is : Primitivo (red wine). 
Moreover it's a nice place to go with friends but also a good spot to go for a dinner date. It's cozy but not always quite. They are open 7days and you can also reserve a table. 

And you? What's your favorite Pizza's place? 
Let me know and I'll go for it.